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Saragama presents "kha" album

अन्ताक्षरी "ख"

संगीत - सारेगामा सीडी मूल्य- ७५रुपये

भारत की लोकप्रिय संगीत कंपनी सारेगामा ने अपने श्रोताओं के लिए अन्ताक्षरी "ख" शीर्षक से एक एल्बम रिलीज़ की है जिसमें ख अक्षर से शुरू होने वाले चालीस गीत हैं. ये सभी गीत सदाबहार लोकप्रिय गीत हैं जिन्हें श्रोता हमेशा सुनना पसंद करते हैं.

एल्बम का पहला गीत है- खयालो में किसी के, इस गीत के बाद खेलो रंग हमारे संग, ओ गाड़ी वाले, खाली डब्बा खाली बोतल, खोया खोया चाँद, खुदा निगेबान हो, खेलो न मेरे दिल से, खो गया है मेरा प्यार, खनके तो खनके, खुली पलक में, ख़त लिख दे, खुश रहो, खुदा हुज़ूर को, ख्वाब हो तुम, ख़ुशी की वो रात, खाई थी कसम, खिलौना जानकर, खाई है रे, खिलते हैं गुल यहाँ, खुश रहे तू सदा, खुल्लम खुल्ला, खातूबा, खाए के पान, खुशियाँ ही खुशियाँ, खुदा ही जुदा आदि अनेको मधुर गीत हैं.

ख अक्षर से शुरू होने वाले इन सभी गीतों को श्रोता अन्ताक्षरी खेलते समय प्रयोग में ला सकते हैं. संगीत कंपनी सारेगामा ने भी यही वजह ध्यान में रखकर इस mp3 को रिलीज़ किया है. सारेगामा द्वारा रिलीज़ की गयी इस एल्बम को श्रोता अवश्य पसंद करेंगे.

Saragama undertakes project for Deccan Chargers

Saregama undertakes project for Deccan Chargers

"This landmark project undertaken by Saregama India Limited for Deccan Chargers (owned by Deccan Chronicle) is a unique one. This is a first-of-its-kind association where a music label has created content for a team in IPL ’09 - one of the biggest events of the year.

The Deccan Chargers stand for aggression, power and dynamism and it is this sprit that their anthem tries to capture. Sung by Shaan in his power-packed voice, composed by Shamir Tandon with lyrics penned by Virag Mishra, the track is a spirited expression of what the team stands for. The anthem features in a specially compiled album titled ‘Rock with the Chargers’ alongwith other pulsating, popular dance numbers.

The album has been launched in the market and is available across major music stores in the country.

The album is available across major music retail stores in the country and is available for download as CRBTs (caller ring back tones) and ringtones on all telecom operators through WAP.

One can also watch and download the video promo of the track with the players in action, or simply download player pictures as wallpapers. The track is also made available to various radio partners for airplay during prime time.

This is a classic example of how two unique media interest groups can join hands in offering complete entertainment. Saregama has known to have pioneered several projects in the past and this initiative only shows their consistent approach to represent the youth and stay in-sync with music that is topical and contemporary."

Hot and sexy Shraddha Sharma.

Vidya Balan loves children

Vidya Balan loves children. A friend said, "Vidya feels that toddlers can really put a smile on your lips and brighten up your face." So when the actress got a chance to lend her voice to Karadi Tales, she immediately grabbed it. "Vidya has lent her voice to one of the Karadi tales. In fact Vidya along with Gulzar, will do the Karadi Tales reading 28th April in Mumbai," said the friend.

Shilpa's Rajasthan Royals has proved it once again that they are the champions.

Shilpa shouts Halla Bol!!!

Shilpa’s Rajasthan Royals has proved it once again that they are the champions. It needed brilliance with the bat from Graeme Smith and Yusuf Pathan for last years champions to come home. Yusuf’s magical bat was raining sixes when he top scored with 62 not out for Rajasthan Royals. Smith was supporting him on the other end he remained unbeaten on 44 not out.

Shilpa was short of words praising her team for the brilliance performance. Sources say that, “Shilpa whishes that this would be the moment which can turn their campaign like they did in last year”. Shilpa was one of the loudest in the audiences shouting and cheering her team

Next is Mehul Kumar's Krantiveer--2--Adity Singh Rajput.

Addy’s soap experience with Kareena!

He is the face of Dish TV with SRK, Coke with Aamir, Hero Honda with Hrithik, and the brand model for Closeup, Amul Kool café, BSNL, Nokia Ngage… the list goes on. And now, Aditya Singh Rajput, all of 22, has done the latest Vivel soap ad with Kareena. “We have shot differently,” he says honestly. “But the shots will come together in the commercial.” All the same, the young man is excited he worked with the best. “I have done over 100 commercials, but with every ad I do, I learn. And in this learning, lies the fun.”

Addy incidentally has also made his Bollywood debut with stellar roles in U Me Aur Hum and Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara. “I am looking forward to a great career in Bollywood,” confesses the young man.

Next in his kitty is Mehul Kumar’s Krantiveer-2.

Masti, Maza and Music with" Maruti Mera Dosst"

Masti, maza and music with Maruti…..
The music release function of Maruti Mera Dosst took place at Cinemax, Andheri on April 28. The function was attended by Vinod Bhanushali of T-Series, producer Abhimanyu Singh, music director Kartik Shah, actors Sudhir Dalvi, Vindu Singh, Sushmita Mukherjee Bundela, Ausshima Sawhney, Manish Paul, Gul Hamid, Urvashi Yadav and child actors Erik and Ritika.

Maruti Mera Dosst, the audio right of which has been acquired by T Series, is all about good against evil, and how superhero Maruti (Lord Hanuman) fights the evil forces that are trying to harm his biggest fan and disciple Rameshwari, a very pretty and innocent eight year old girl.

Maruti Mera Dosst is an exceptionally entertaining film. Apart from the great starcast, the film is packed with action, adventure, state-of-the-art creature effects, animation and special effects.

Maruti Mera Dosst is produced by Contiloe Pictures Private Ltd starring Chandrachud Singh, Ritika Shrivastava, Erik A. Nanda, Sushmita Mukherji Bundela, Murli Sharma, Vindu Dara Singh and Shahbazz Khan. The music composition of Maruti Mera Dosst is by Kartik Shah. Five power-packed songs by Kailash Kher, Kay Kay, Hariharan, Shreya Ghoshal and Chandrachud Singh highlight the film.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Comming soon--A smart way to enter in Bollywood is --

winning any team is an entire team effort say's Preity

Preity Zinta’s King XI Punjab is on a roll after winning two back to back matches. Preity is apparently very happy with her team’s tremendous performance as they came back and made a strong statement to all the other teams. A close friend of Preity reveals, “Preity always feels that winning any team is an entire team effort and she is very proud of her team for having put on winning efforts.

As for any team it is important to have confident to win the game.

Preity further says that she is proud to own such a team that strongly believes in a true sportsman spirit. “Preity has been the backbone of her team. Being the leader of the team Preity wants the full constant backup to her team. She wants her team to get that encouraging force and cheers behind their hard work. Preity very much wants her team to be the best performing team in the series and also to achieve their target. To Preity “Greater the difficulty, Sweeter the victory”, and that is the message Preity is giving out to her team.” Preity on a high:

Rock On Chotte Nawab

Everyone knows about the star actor Saif Ali Khan but no one knows about the star actor turned producer. When asked about the new turned producer Saif Ali Khan, his crew member’s were quick to respond positively in favour of the Nawab. The crew members were very happy that they were working under a stress free Producer. The crew members were quick to say, “That Saif is the best producer they have worked so far” There is no hassle and the environment is pretty relaxed when Saif is on the set says another crew member. Overall it seems like the whole cast and crew is having a party on the sets. Rock On Chotte Nawab the new Producer on the block.

Pro -Himanshu-Dwapar Promoters--On location of Hindi Film " Shadow the dark side of truth " at Filmcity.


Nasser Khan and Shamshad Alam were very happy on last day of shoot of their debut film Shadow under the banner of Great Entertainments. Film is shot in Bangkok and Mumbai.The last song of the film was shot on 4 different sets made at fimcity and filmistan studios.Entire cast of the film was their in the shoot as the song was title song.Milind Soman ,Sonali Kulkarni,Nasser Khan,Sameer Aftab,Hrishita Bhatt and Daisy were there on the shoot.A big set of bamboo and Chinese throne was made at filmcity.Ganesh Acharya was the choreographer of the song.The music of the film is given by Anand raaj Anand.All the artist gave the shots in one take as they have done lot of rehersals before the shoot.Milind Soman was very exited with the performance by Nasser Khan as he cant see but he was dancing correct and the moves were perfect.
Himanshu Jhunjhunwla

On location of film " Husband" at Future Studio, Goregaon (East).

Monday, April 27, 2009

Event and Entertainment Management Association.For details log on

President Mr. Michael Menezes
Executive Vice President Mr. Brian Tellis Fountainhead
Promotions & Events Pvt. Ltd.

General Secretary Mr. Sanjeev Pasricha
CS Direkt Events & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.

Secretary Mr. Vijay Arora
Touchwood Entertainment Ltd.

Treasurer Mr. Harjinder Singh
Showworks Eventz Private Limited

Administrator Brig. S.K. Rattan (Retd.)


Vice President ( North) Mr. Rajeev Jain
Rashi Entertainment (P) Ltd.

Joint Secretary ( North) Mr. K.J. Singh Gurna
Bellset Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Governing Body Member Mr. Rajesh Varma
CRI Events Pvt. Ltd.

Governing Body Member Mr. Karan S. Chettri
Entertainment Solution Providers (I) Pvt. Ltd.


Vice President ( East) Mr. Vinod Bhandari
Winning Edge

Joint Secretary ( East) Mr. Prakash Tulsiyan
Mirage Network (P) Ltd.


Vice President ( South) Mr. Harish Babu
Impresario Event Management (I) Ltd.

Joint Secretary ( South) Mr. Siddharth Ganeriwala
Aura Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Governing Body Member Mr. Oum Pradutt
Phase 1 Events and Entertainment (P) Ltd.

Governing Body Member Mr. P.V.N. Vidyasagar
Catpro Events and Entertainment Ltd.


Vice President ( West) Mr. Brian Tellis
Fountainhead Promotions & Events Pvt. Ltd.

Joint Secretary ( West) Mr. Atul Nath
Candid Maketing

Governing Body Member Mr. Himanshu Shah
Soi Entertainment & Communications Ltd.

Governing Body Member Mrs. Sushma Gaikwad
Ice Global

Mr. Sabbas Joseph
Wizcraft International Entertainmnt Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sameer Tobaccowala
Shobiz Experiential Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Roshan Abbas
Encompass Events Pvt. Ltd.

EEMA is the acronym for the event and entertainment management association, a registered non-profit body of companies, organisations and institutions operating in the event and entertainment management space across India. It is the first ever body of its kind in the country that seeks to bring together professional organisations in this space on one platform.It will also seek to lay down professional standards of management and interface between its members and clients, vendors and artists across the country.Why EEMA ?

The Event and Entertainment Industry has grown exponentially over the last two decades with several thousand entities operating in this space in various segments and at various levels across over a hundred cities across the country. While there are no accurate estimates of the size of this industry, it has been variously estimated at between Rs 2000 crores to Rs 5000 crores with contributions to the exchequer in excess of Rs 500 crores per annum.

Sadly enough, there has been no one body that has represented the interests of this industry to Government, corporate industry forums, private and mumicipal licensing bodies, taxation authorities, or even individual clients, vendors or artistes.

EEMA will do just that forum it will be the unified voice of the industry to Government, statutory bodies, taxation authorities and private licensing bodies and will seek to protect its members' interests in all these fora.

It will also seek to lay down professional standards of management and interface between its members and clients, vendors and artistes across the country.

It will also be a repository of knowledge for its members in terms of providing a databank on venues, artistes and vendors and advising its members on safety standards, employee codes of conduct and best practices of the industry.

It will also seek to constantly upgrade skills and knowledge levels of its members by organsing training programmes, seminars and interface with international and local industry stalwarts.

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What is EEMA ?

EEMA is the acronym for the EVENT & ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, a registered non-profit body of companies, organisations and institutions operating in the event and entertainment management space across India.

It is the first ever body of its kind in the country that seeks to bring together professional organisations in this space on one platform.

Miss Kohinoor International 2009 - Vote now.Log

Miss Kohinoor International 2009
Event Description Our 2nd annual Miss Kohinoor is on it's way!
We are now International.
Be prepared for a display of entertainment, class,dinner and competition like never seen before..

Proceeds go to Sick Kids Hospital
Wait 'till you hear & see what's next....10 Desi girls from India, will be competing against 10 Desi girls from Canada.-
Winner to be presented in a BOLLYWOOD FILM for 2009!!!- Designer from Bollywood to design and customize our 20 contestants entire wardrobe!!!Among our judges panel be prepared for an exciting celebrity *ahem* BOLLYWOOD surprise!!!Who will win the title Miss Kohinoor International 2009???
Miss Kohinoor Intl. 2009 will recieve:-
Round trip with modelling opportunities all expenses paid- 1,000.00 shopping spree courtesy of Cadillac Fairview- Laptop computer by apple (4,500.00 value)- 500.00 Gift Basket with goodies & gifts from Bask- Professional Photography session & portfolio with our high end photographer ( 700.00 value) Diamond set courtesy of Serli Diamonds
Buy tickets here
Event Date/Time 5/16/2009 9:00 PM to 5/17/2009 2:00 AM
Host Novotel
Location 3670 Hurontario Street , Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Event Type Entertainment - Other

Action to be condemned of double standards!

A Kashmiri separatist leader burning the Indian Flag

Indian Flag Burnt in Srinagar
Shame on Indian govtand Media also for not making it Breaking News

The only country of the world, where one can dare to burn the national flag..

All these become the masala breaking news of Indian news channels:

* If Tendulkar cuts the cake which is made to look like national flag, he is condemned.
* If Mandira Bedi wears a saree with the flags of all the countries being portrayed on that, is made to apologies.
* If one cop in Kolkata and one in Bangalore is terminated of his duties for throwing the Indian national flag on ground, by mistake.

Then why double standards:

* During the ongoing Amarnath Sangarsh, Jammuites holding the Indian National Flag and chanting 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' are open fired by the J&K Police on orders from the Police Commissioner(belongs to kashmir). Peaceful protesters are killed.
* Like in case of Amarnath case, people in Kashmir when want to get some demand fulfilled, protest by burning Indian national Flag, hosting Pakistani Flag and chanting 'Hindustan Murdabad, Pakistan Jindabad'. But no body condemns. Infact, all such protest are followed by a team of union ministers visiting Kashmir and immediately sanctioning a few thousand crore rupees for Kashmiris.
* Every year on 14th Aug (Pakistani Indipendence Day), Pakistani flag is hosted every where in Kashmir , including the govt. buildings and on 15th Aug, same people burn the Indian flag.

This only happens in India !!!!

just see d pictures above

Really shame on indian media

who never showsthese pics.........

Join Sandeep Soparrkar's Dance Institute now!

Here is May-June 2009 Level 1 class schedule for all our classes in Mumbai.


Jolly Dwarfs, Bungalow No. 5, Telephone Exchange Lane,

Andheri (W), Mumbai-53.

Starts: Sunday, 3rd May, 2009

Days: Saturday & Sunday


7-8 pm - Level 1


6-7 pm - Level 1 (Basic 1)


JG's Fitness Centre, Gopal Bhavan, 4th Floor, 32 Tagore Road,

Santacruz (W), Mumbai-54.

Starts: Sunday, 3rd May, 2009

Days: Saturday & Sunday


8-9 pm - Level 1


7-8 pm - Level 1 (Basic 1)


St. Andrew’s College, St. Dominic Road,

Bandra (W), Mumbai -50.
Starts: Tuesday, 5th May, 2009

Days: Tuesday & Thursday


7.30-8.30 pm – Level 1 (Basic 1)


St. Andrew’s College, St. Dominic Road,

Bandra (W), Mumbai -50.
Starts: Sunday, 3rd May, 2009

Days: Saturday & Sunday


7-8 pm – Level 1 (Salsa 1)


Praana, Shop No. 204, 2nd Floor, Prabhadevi Unique Industrial Estate, Twin Towers Lane, Off Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-25.

Starts: Sunday, 24th May, 2009

Days: Sunday


11.30 a.m.-1 pm - Level 1


2.30-4.30 pm - Level 1 (Basic 1)


Birla Kreeda Kendra, Opp. Paramount Restaurant, Nr. Charni Rd. Station, Chowpatty, Mumbai-7.

Starts: Monday, 4th May, 2009

Days: Monday & Friday


7-8 pm – Level 1


8-9 pm – Level 1 (Basic 1)

Tango & Paso Doble

9-10 pm

*Updated on 25/4/2009.

**Salsa includes Cuban Salsa and Merengue.

Fees: Rs. 3500 for level 1.

Each level has 12 x 1 hour classes.

Duration: 1.5 months.

***Ballroom includes Rumba, Samba, Cha Cha, Jive, Waltz & Foxtrot.

Fees: Rs. 4000 for level 1.

Each level has 16 x 1 hour classes.

Duration: 2 months.

****Tango & Paso Doble includes:

The International Style of Tango- the most passionate & powerful ballroom dance characterized by big movements, dramatic gestures & soul-stirring music &

Paso Doble- a lively International Latin dance that is modeled after the sound, drama, and movement of the Spanish Bull fight.

Fees: Rs. 4000.

No. of sessions: 16 x 1 hour classes.

Duration: 2 months.

Open to all.

Enrollment Instructions:

Enrollments for each class start 30 minutes before the class on the 1st day itself & stay open for the first 3 classes.

For level 1:

*Please carry a recent passport-sized photograph of yourself.

*Full payment should be made by cash only on the 1st day of class.


Class Type
Regular (Rs.)
Student (Rs.)*
Salsa & Ballroom (Rs.)**
Student + Salsa & Ballroom (Rs.)***



*Student: We offer a Student discount of Rs. 500 (available only to those with valid school/college identity card proof).

**Salsa & Ballroom: We offer a Salsa & Ballroom discount of Rs. 500 if you join both classes together; i.e. if you join the January-February 2009 Salsa Level 1 & Ballroom Level 1 class at the same branch or at different branches, your total amount which would have been Rs. 3500(Salsa) + Rs.4000(Ballroom) = Rs.7500, will now be Rs. 7000.

***Student + Salsa & Ballroom: If you are a student and enroll for both the Salsa-1 & Ballroom-1 classes simultaneously, the total amount for both classes will be Rs. 6000.

Please note that the 3 discounts of Rs. 500 each viz. Student, Salsa & Ballroom and Student + Salsa & Ballroom discounts also apply for the higher levels with that level’s corresponding fees in our studio.

Higher Levels:

In the Ballroom category, there are 13 levels. Each level has 16 x 1 hour classes and lasts for 2 months.

In the Salsa category, there are 6 levels. Each level has 12 x 1 hour classes and lasts for 1.5 months.

Higher levels in each category begin at the end of each course.

Every level has a set syllabus of steps that is taught. It is necessary for you to know the previous level’s steps before joining the next as the complexity of steps increases with each level.

At the end of the course, if you feel you have not been able to grasp as much as you or the instructor would have liked you to, you may repeat the course at no extra charge.

This offer is valid for 6 months only from the month that you join the course. Hence, if you have joined the January-February 2009 Salsa Level 1 batch, you may repeat the level 1 salsa class for the months of March-April and May-June ’09 at any branch as revision before moving on to the next level.

We also recommend that you attend the junior level class whilst doing the higher ones, to practice and revise steps, also at no extra charge.

Skipping Classes:

If you miss a class, there are 3 options you may avail of:

*Come early or stay back after class to revise with your instructor or your fellow students. Please speak to your respective instructor about the same.

*Attend a concurrent class at another branch. Please carry the studio receipt given to you after enrolling for a batch when doing so.

*As mentioned above, you may also repeat the batch for a period of 6 months from the month that you enroll.

Dress Code:

At our studio, we follow a semi-formal dress code which translates to:

No jeans, track pants, shorts, sneakers/keds, floaters/chappals.

For Gentlemen: Formal pants, shirt/t-shirt. Formal closed leather shoes, preferably with a thin sole.

For Ladies: Skirts/dresses (knee-length or shorter), formal pants, Capri pants, tights, shirt/t-shirt/blouse. Shoes should completely enclose the heel of your foot and have a low or high heel, as per your comfort.

We recommend that you purchase a pair of dance shoes that has a suede base which ensures smooth movement when you dance. You may purchase this at our studio itself.


Please carry a separate pair of shoes/dance shoes that should be worn only in the class so as to maintain the cleanliness of the class & prevent any damage to the floor.

For further information, please contact Shirin on +91 9819361074, between 9 a.m. & 9 p.m.

Please note we also have branches in Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad and Nepal. For details regarding the same, kindly contact:

Pune: Rani Soparrkar: 9975439000.

Surat: Ankur Vaidya: 9879490559.

Ahmedabad: Supriya Shah: 9824661166.

Nepal: Sarah Giri:

Hope to see you at class.

Happy feet !As part of our International Dance Day Celebrations & for all those of you who missed the Tango workshop at Pune or are simply dying to learn more, Sandip Soparrkar’s Ballroom Studio will be conducting a special 2 hour Tango workshop in Mumbai…at our Chowpatty class !!

Tango Workshop Details:

The International Style of Tango is the most passionate & powerful ballroom dance characterized by big movements, dramatic gestures & soul-stirring music. Its unique flair is sure to strike a chord in every dance lover’s heart !

Venue: Birla Kreeda Kendra, Opp. Paramount Restaurant, Nr. Charni Rd. Station, Chowpatty, Mumbai-7.

On: Friday, 1st May, 2009.

At: 1st Floor Children’s Hall

Time: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Registration time: 6.30 p.m.

Fee: Rs 500 per person.
Conducted by: Sandip Soparrkar & Jessy Randhawa.

Continue the evening with great music, dancing and performances by Sandip Soparrkar & his talented troupe. The event will be on till 11 p.m.

Everyone is welcome...!!

Tango & Paso Doble Class Details:

We will also be starting a Tango & Paso Doble Class at Chowpatty on Monday, 4th May, 2009.

Paso Doble is a lively International Latin dance that is modeled after the sound, drama, and movement of the Spanish Bull fight. Paso Doble means "double step" in Spanish.

To know more about the dance, make sure you come for the workshop and performances on 1st May!!

Venue: Our Chowpatty class centre (as given above).

Days: Monday & Friday.

Time: 9 -10 p.m.

Starts: Monday, 4th May, 2009.

Fees: Rs. 4000

Registration time: 8.30 p.m.

No. of sessions: 16 = 16 x 1 hour classes.

Duration: 2 months

No partner or experience required !

For any further details, please contact Shirin on +91 9819361074, between 9 a.m. & 9 p.m.

New Models on the ramp

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Shadow the dark side of truth"an action thriller film


Nasser Khan a businessman from Kanpur came to Mumbai with lots of enthusiasm and announced his debut film with his partner Shamsad Alam under the banner of Great Entertainments.The name of the film is Shadow the dark side of truth .The film is directed by Rohit Nayyar who has recently directed Aasma.The Location was Filmcity and the floor number was 16 which is the biggest floor.A huge set was made for picturisation of big song sung by Aanandraaj anand .Ganesh Acharya was busy in explaning the shot to Nasser Khan and Hrishita Bhatt .The song has 180 dancers and 400 junior artist.The song is picturised in 4 budget with a budget of 3 crore.When we asked Ganesh Acharya about Nasser Khan ,he said When i met Nasser Khan I was shocked that how a blind man can act or dance .When I completwed the song today I am again shocked as how this man has completed the song with 100 percent performance.
Sonali Kulkarni said -The only man I have seen with extraordinary Vision.Aperson who has amazing enthusiasm and risky trust.Aman who is never tired to learn new things.A madly ambitious person who has given me the strength to believe that even sky can not be a limit if you dream to fly.My best co star so far.

Hrishita Bhatt- He has not only inspired me but the whole world will be inspired after the release of this film.The way he works nobody can say that he is blind.He is so efficient that no shot has been retaken due to his mistake.Adream person to work with.

Milind Soman -Doing all the things required from an actor in course of shooting an action film would be tough for an sighted person but Nasser did all these things with ease,stlye and confidence that was astounding.

Website of Pooja Misrra is down due to excess use of bandwidth

It has come to our knowledge that the website of Bollywood (Hindi film) actress / VJ / model Pooja Misrra is down due to excess use of bandwidth. Apparently the website has reached its bandwidth limit but Pooja Misrra was not available for immediate comments. She would be definitely very glad to learn about the huge hits that her website has received after the launch of her sexy calendar but we hope that she will fix the same at the earliest so that her fans can get a glimpse of her sexy calendar. Anyway, here's a look at one of the hot page from the calendar.

On the sets of "Shadow the dark side of the truth"

On the sets of "Shadow the dark side of the truth"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Election 2009

Freida Pinto from Malad Mumbai to Hollywood.

Freida studied at Carmel of St. Joseph School in Malad, Mumbai, and completed her B.A in English Literature from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.She resides in Orlem, Malad, Mumbai. She considers Barry John, from whom she learned acting,her mentor.She always been a fighter! She's afraid of losing her confidence and killer instincts.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gulshan Sharma celebrating her success with new energy drink Toofan

The multitalented and super hot looking international model that we just gave you a glimpse of is only one of its kind, and she is Miss. Gulshan Sharma. A 25 years extremely talented model who has achieved all these and more in a very short span of 6 years. We got into a candid chat with her and this ever smiling beautiful model let her hair down, sipped her coffee and responded.

Sexy and Hot Multitalented Miss Gulshan Sharma celebrating her success with new energy drink Toofan at H2O, Mumbai.

Hot and Sexy Gulshan Sharma is lucky not to have struggle too much.

Regarding her awards, Gul says, "These awards mean life to me. I have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve and here I am, standing in front of you proud to say that I have achieve all these and eagerly waiting for some more to come."

Kristna Saikia from Assam to the Bollywood.

A very well known and upcoming star in the Bollywood love to place herself as “Kristna Saikia.....also thoughtful in her words ….nothing is permanent ''.

From the beautiful land of Assam, this young vibrant beautiful lady has enough confident to work in the Glamour world and show her unique talent which will take her beyond superficiality and connects her in to the souls of portraits. She had almost worked 3 years in this entertainment industry. She has showcase herself in an many different genre of work includes from Radio to Serials, being from an theatre actress to the ads/commercials that had led herself continue with many TV channels /channels promotions/short films/albums, etc.

While doing lots of print ads there was a realization by her photographers and colleagues that beautiful body curves comes to her body easily and spontaneously. Having learnt Kristna started working on it.

Today, she is an active and a portrait model for painters/photographers, etc. Who wants to take their work to certain using portraits for exhibition or promotion....Kristna says" my work requires me to go beyond my physical frame n connects with the divine source that works through me to bring the different curves in my body''.

Kristna is also put her talents towards writing a book on portraits connecting spirituality which will be completed soon and published. She is also working on aroma therapy beauty products n herbal beauty products as a trader.

Kristna is looking forward to do films both commercial and realistic films. She is very anxious to do for both national and international films. More of TV weekly programs and product endorsements.

In her free time she loves to watch films/read books/cook/or play some indoor games...Listening music and travelling. She is also exploring a part of her in occult science and metaphysics.

'' Acting will always be my first love''...Kristna.

Piyush Janu launches his boutique "Mocktail" at Lokhandwala

Super Model Piyush Janu launches his boutique "Mocktail" at Lokhandwala , Andheri West.

Mauijim Sunglasses launches in India. The event was held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Rajiv Radhakrishnan Sales Direstor Middle East of Maui Jim.

Rahumathullah (Director Sales) of Maui Jim.

Walter F. Hester, with his home minister.

Walter F'Hester, CEO of Maui Jim Sunglasses.

Maui Jim Sunglasses were born out of need on the sunny beaches of Hawaii in the early 1980's the need for sunglass that would eliminate the harsh Hawaiian glare without distoring the beautiful colors of the island scenery. After years of research and development, the impossible became a reality and Polarized emerged, which eliminates glare and boosts colors with a patented multilayer design. Maui Jim also incorporates a bi-gradient mirror,waterproof coating and an anti reflective treatment. The result is wiped out and colors are stoked.

Maui Jim is the fastest growing premium polarized sunglass maker in the world. It has distribution offices in Australis, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Dubai, United States and now also in India.